Éthic étapes Romorantin proposes you the right equipment to your seminaries or meetings.

Rooms rental

We have pleasant multi-purpose rooms available for your meetings, conferences, seminars or events. Free WIFI and/or Ethernet access.

PRICES 2020 (compulsory membership + 19€}
Europe roomsmeeting room*class
1/2 DayFull Day
1 Room 45m226 pers.26 pers.50 pers.54€75€
2 Rooms 94m236 pers.36 pers.80 pers.97€137€
3 Rooms 137m250 pers.60 pers.120 pers.138€206€
4 Rooms 180m290 pers.150 pers.179€275€
Luxembourg8 pers.30€38,50€
United Kingdom34m218 pers.16 pers.25 pers.52€72€

* Set up style