Eco label

Ethic Etapes Jean Monnet obtainined the European Ecolabel in December 2014.

  • What does the European Ecolabel mean for tourist accommodation?

    The aim of this procedure is to address current concerns and customer requirements in terms of sustainable development. It is an effort to reduce the impact of any facility on its environment.
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  • What is sustainable tourism?

    According to the official definition on :

    Sustainable tourism is based on sustainability criteria. It needs to be environmentally sustainable over the long term, economically viable and fair to local populations in social and ethical terms.

As a result, ethical tourism is required to:

  • Make best use of the environmental resources that are a key aspect of the tourist offering, protecting essential ecological processes and helping to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.
  • Show due respect for the original social culture of host communities, maintain their traditional values and contribute to harmony and tolerance between different cultures.

  • Ensure viable economic activity for the long term, providing all those involved with fairly distributed socio-economic benefits, including stable employment and the chance of social benefits and services for host communities, and contributing to reducing poverty.

Sustainable tourism also needs to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, providing visitors with a useful experience, raising their awareness of sustainability issues and encouraging them to adopt the appropriate behaviour.

Plan of action across 3 major areas: water/water/energy